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सूचना / Circulars

(1) Providing facilities to Persons with Disabilities(PWD)- regarding 12/03/2016| हिन्दी / English
(2) Updated list of disqualified persons under Section 10A of the Representation of the People Act. 1951 regarding 17/01/2018| Link

Improving Physical Access & facilities at polling stations
1. It shall be ensured that polling stations are situated on the ground floor, if not, lift facility/extension of ramp to each floor should be provided.
2. A standardized and uniform design of ramps shall be implemented.
3. Temporary/Mobile ramps shall be made available where ever permanent ramp facility cannot be provided.
4. Access to ramps shall be made smooth in places of sandy and slushy pathways.
5. Ramps shall be provided in such a manner that it directly leads to the door of polling stations to avoid navigating through corridors.
6. Proper approach roads to Polling Stations shall be ensured by local authorities/respective departments.
7. Mobile barricades in front of Doors of each Polling Station shall be erected.
8. Entrance door of polling station shall be kept wide open and adequate space around the voting compartment should be ensured for wheel chair movement.
9. Facility for separate entry should be made available for persons with disabilities wherever possible.
10. Pathway to polling rooms shall have indicators with standard signage.
11. Depending on the number of PWDs among electors in a polling station, facilities like ramp, tricycles, basic information through audio-video, should be made available. These facilities should be physically verified and certified by the Observer deputed by the Commission.
12. Wheel chairs shall be provided at identified polling stations.
13. Priority entry passes shall be issued to persons with disabilities. All possible steps should be taken to ensure that PWDs are not required to wait in queue.