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Presidential Election Circulars
Presidential Election Book -26/06/12
Intention To vote at the state Capital by Members of Parliament
Directions for printing of ballots papers under Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Rules,1974 .
Supplementary List-1 of Electoral College.
Filling of affivadavits by candidtaes for the Presidentail Election ,2012 disclosing their criminal antecedents ,assets liabilities and educational qualifications -regarding .
Facilities to Member of Legislative Assembly to vote in New Delhi or at the place of poll setup at any State HQ other than his own -regarding .
Procedure for Deposits and for Refund of deposits .
FAQ on The Presidential Elections -2012 .
Directions Regarding public notice .
Role of the chief Electoral Officer -Direction.
Press Note - Election to the office of President of India ,2012 (14th Presidential election).
The presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Act and Rules .
Background Material Regarding Election to the Office of President of India 2012.
Electoral College for Election of President of India 2012.

Vice Presidential Election Circulars
The Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act and Rules
Press Note - Election to the office of Vice-President of India, 2012 (14th Vice-Presidential election).
Appointment of Presiding Officer and Polling Officers.
Design and Form of Ballot Papers-Directions.
Marking of Votes-Supply of Instrument at the Place of Poll..
Maintenance of Secrecy of voting.
Manner of publication of List of Contesting Candidates-Directions.