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For Special Summary Revision from 01/01/2018 of Photo Electoral Roll Final Publication of Roll for MP on 19/01/2018

Display of Form 9, 10, 11, 11A done at the Polling Station

EPIC Stock Register

EPIC Material / Printing Status

1) EPIC Entry District
2) EPIC EntryVendor

Day to Day Expenditure

For Day to Day Candidate Expenditure information and Upload Scan file of Candidate Expenditure Register for Election

Note: using Election time

Annexure - 15

Candidate's Expenditure Information(Annexure - 15)

Annexure - 23

Constantan candidates list/ who have filed or not filed Accounts/discrepancy/Report Sent to CEO/notices issued by ECI/Accounts have been accepted by the commission/candidates disqualified (Annexure - 23)

Note: using Election time

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Below links are under process
1. Special Camp Days Reporting Format for Special Camp Days
2. BLO Payment BLO Payment
3. किए गए व्यय की जानकारी वर्ष 2014-15 किए गए व्यय की जानकारी
4. C A M P U S A M B A S S A D O R S C A M P U S A M B A S S A D O R S
6. Sveep Fund (MP State and ECI) Sveep Fund State level and ECI
7. Employee details जिले में पदस्थापना के लिए 
8. EPIC Material Stock Details EPIC Card Material avaibility
9. अस्थाई पदों की जानकारी Information of temporary post for Lok Sabha Election- 2014
10. Sveep Plan and Progress of Roll Revision Activities Planing and Progress of Roll Revision Activities : Advertisements through Hoardings, Newspaper, Radio, TV, Events, SMS Campaign, Youth Icons, Working with Civil Society etc.
11. व्यय की जानकारी वर्ष 2014-15 किए गए व्यय की जानकारी
12. Temporary Advances P R O F O R M A - "A" Agewise Analysis of outstanding Temporary Advances
URLs From NIC, Madhya Pradesh
1. Communication Plan Communication Plan,Status of MCC1,MCC2 & Uploading of Declerations,Form21C
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